Plantable Seed Paper Hearts

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Plantable Seed Paper Hearts in Assorted Colors

Plantable Seed Paper Hearts 

100% biodegradable & handmade in the USA

Size: 1"

Quantity: 100

Our plantable seed paper hearts are now available in over 20 exquisite colors!  You can purchase an assortment of vibrant colors, as shown here in the featured photo, or create a custom blend of your own to incorporate in with your wedding day attire or party decor.

bright-yellow-flower-seed-paper-heart.jpgBright Yellowpale-yellow-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgPale Yellowpink-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgPinkkelly-green-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgKelly Greengold-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgGoldlime-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgLimelavender-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgLavender,purple-flower-seed-paper-heart.jpgPurpleorange-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgOrangewhite-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgWhitenatural-flower-seed-hearts.jpgIvoryburgundy-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgBurgundy,brown-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgBrownroyal-blue-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgRoyal Bluered-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgRedsage-mint-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgMint Green, and pale-blue-flower-seed-paper-hearts.jpgPale Blue

Let Love Grow!  Scatter these adorable petite hearts across the tabletops at your wedding or bridal shower, then place a sign nearby to encourage your guests to take some home so that they can grow their own beautiful flower garden.

Simply toss them in the garden, cover lightly with soil and let nature take care of the rest.  You can also grow them indoors throughout the year, then transplant the seedlings to your garden in the spring.

Your hearts will contain a variety of flower seeds that can easily be grown throughout the United States. 

Click HERE for pictures and more information on our blend.

  • Sweet William
  • Poppy
  • Corn Snapdragon
  • Tall Spurred
  • ‘Northern Lights’
  • Catchfly Daisy
  • English Daisy
  • Glorious
  • Black-Eyed Susan
  • Five Spot
  • Candytuft
  • Zinnia
  • Pinks
  • Baby Blue Eyes
  • Wallflower
  • Siberian Flax
  • Scarlet

100% biodegradable

Handmade in the USA