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Mini Valentine's Day Flower Grow Kit

A fun Valentine gift idea for kids, boy or girl.
They're small and affordable, making them the perfect Valentine's Day gift for all of the kids and grandchildren in the family.
Gift Ready, complete with gift box and ribbon.

An assortment of flower seeds are inside the handmade seed paper sheep, including perennials that will continue to bloom each year.

Our mini Valentine's Day seed kits are small but their adorable size is one of the things that make them so loved!
Size: 2"X2"X2"
Quantity: 1

Great for Valentine's Day gifts and party favors!

Each grow kit includes:
*plantable seed paper sheep
*flower pot
*soil pellet
*gift box “I love ewe, Happy Valentine's Day” design
*satin ribbon

All orders ship via USPS & FedEx with tracking # provided.

Handmade in the USA

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Valentine's Day Flower Seed Grow Kit

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