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Mini Flower Seed Garden Grow Kit, Valentine's Day Gift for Daughter
Spread the Seeds of Love this Valentine's Day!
Send a unique, uplifting, sustainable gift this Valentine's Day she can love, nurture, and grow for years to come.
Everyone loves flowers, and our grow kits are a great way for her to hone in on her plant parenting skills while enjoying the blooms.
They are mini in size, making them the perfect little gift for Valentine's Day.

Gift Ready, complete with gift box and ribbon. Fast turnaround time with shipping direct to her door.
Add a gift message and we will include a personalized card to go along with your gift.

Flower seeds are inside the handmade paper heart!
May be grown indoors throughout the year, or outdoors, as long as the temperatures are above freezing.
Flowers started indoors can be moved to a larger pot or planted in the garden once the seedlings are established around 3-4" tall.

Size: 2"X2"X2"
Quantity: 1

Each kit comes with everything she'll need to get growing, including the soil.

* plantable seed heart with flower seeds
* soil pellet
* flower pot
* gift-ready gift box with Happy Valentine's Day wishes and pink ribbon
* instructions

An variety of flower seeds can be found inside each handmade paper heart.

Pinks, Sweet William
Black-Eyed Susan
Five Spot
Baby Blue Eyes

Orders ship by USPS with a tracking number provided.

Valentine's Day Flower Seed Grow Kit Gift for Daughter

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